Karin Kachler – Director + Professional Educator – Head teacher of Academics, Music, Art, Cooking, P.E.

Nathalie Pangburn – Assistant to Karin Kachler

Alana Mariano – Logistics and teacher assistant

Stefanie Weisseisen –  Head teacher of Academics, Music, Art, Cooking, P.E.

Ant Glynne – Guitarist/Rock Musician –  NFS Rock’n’roll Music Experience

The residence is CA state licensed #198017786, passed the LA city fire inspection. All operations, including field trips, are fully insured. The director, assistant director and all assistants are CPR/First Aid certified and are DOJ background checked, TB tested and German native speakers.

Karin Kachler, Founder and Educational Visionary

Special Neuro-Developmental Focus and Non-Violent Education

I studied early childhood neurological brain development during my years as a therapist and then added the study of Montessori, RIE, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Piaget, Froebel and Pestalozzi, including the study of special needs in children such as high-giftedness.

I also studied and applied the techniques taught at and in Los Angeles.  From 1998 onwards I worked as an English and Art enrichment teacher in preschools in Germany and became the first director of the German preschool program Kinderland in 2007/8 in Los Angeles.I was a tutor from the age of 13 onwards and a homeschool educator since 2004.

German Preschool Program

I founded the Spiel und Spass Academy in 2013 to create a fun connection and empathy based learning environment for preschoolers, teenagers, and adults in Los Angeles to learn German.

My personally developed language teaching methods work very quickly. Several of my preschool age students reached a “fluent” level (as tested by the Benjamin Franklin Elementary school) attending only between 4 months and 6 months without speaking German in the family or home.

I love  empathy, laughter and play. Each student is a unique person and I take a deep interest to really build a connection to know him/her. The most rewarding experience is the students’ happiness, trust and connection to taught subjects, each other and the teachers.

The Nature Family School is the culmination of my 16 years experience of teaching German and Art to children and preschoolers in a very effective playful way and my gentle work as an intuitive therapist with the study of neurological brain development. I’m a very invested teacher and mentor; I truly enjoy teaching German with a focus on empathy, nature, wild animals and healthy organic eating.

German Culture and Professional Background

I am a Massachusetts native. My Austrian/German family moved to Germany when I was almost 3 years old.

I spent several years going back and forth between America and Germany. I had studied Textile Design and Fine Art in Germany. For seven years, I worked as the head of the design department in luxurious weaving companies.

I later had a therapy practice as a Jin Shin Jyutsu therapist for three years, treating adults who had experienced neuro-developmental childhood trauma. I was booked 1 year ahead with a waiting-list and saw over 550 clients during that time.

Parenting Experience 

After the birth of my daughter in Los Angeles, I became a homeschool educator and residential German teacher to other homeschoolers.

I am blessed with my creative, highly gifted 13 year old bilingual daughter.We enjoy camping, nature, wild animals, art, tennis, music, dancing, science, cooking, German books and movies together.

I am honored to be a mentor and “second Mama” to so many preschoolers, and love just how quickly students of all ages learn German and have so much fun at Nature Family School.

I hope to meet your family and that our core values are aligned.


Karin Kachler

My German Family History

My family on my mothers side are the closest living relatives of the famous German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethe, born 1749 in Frankfurt/Germany, is the name sake of the Goethe Institute which represents the cultural heritage and language of Germany the world over.

He was also an influential friend of Alexander von Humboldt. Goethe’s ideas as an empirical scientist and artist, including “The Color Wheel” and “Faust”, are taught in nearly all class rooms of the Western world.

The influential German pedagogue Friedrich Froebel developed the idea of a “Kindergarten” in 1840. Froebel gathered donations from European aristocrats to support art education for children in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Goethe. Froebel had worked for famous pedagogue Pestalozzi from Switzerland, who had befriended Goethe in 1796.

Froebel’s student founded the first “German Kindergarten” for German immigrant children in Wisconsin/ USA in 1856. The first Kindergarten in English, opened 1860 in Boston and the concept spread throughout the US.