Preschool Program Experiences:

My daughter has been going to SUSA for over a year and a half and is thriving!  This is an excellent program which really encourages a love of learning, respect for the natural environment and for others.  Karin has created a beautiful program, providing creative arts, organic cooking, play based learning, science and discovery, and culture and language.  My daughter is very inquisitive and is interested in nature and the environment and science. She also loves to sing and always surprises me with the German songs she learns at SUSA. The art which the children do in this program is wonderful. I have so many of my daughter’s creations that I want to frame – they are that good!  As a mother who has spoken primarily German with her daughter since she was born, it was fantastic to find this program which not only is aligned with my philosophy on early education, but also provides for an immersion in the German language.   Karin is dedicated to creating a great environment for the students.  Another phenomenal plus – is that I never have to worry about my daughter’s nutrition when she is at SUSA.  Karin provides organic, delicious, incredibly healthy meals and snacks for the kids and engages them in the culinary process.  Good nutrition is essential for a calm learning environment, and I never have to worry when I pick up my daughter that she will by hyped up on sugar.  My daughter is always calm when I pick her up and she really enjoys being there. Moreover she has made friends and Karin has built a community of parents. Karin goes above and beyond in organizing weekend outings and holiday events, that parents and kids participate in, creating memorable moments for us all.  My daughter speaks fluent German and she enjoys learning and is looking forward to T-K – that says it all for me.  She wants to go to school and she is thriving.  I highly recommend this program and am so pleased that I found Karin/SUSA.

–Masters of Public Administration and Anthropology, Silverlake

SUSA is the warmest, coziest “home-like” school you’ll be able to find.  My daughter has been going there for the better part of a year and it definitely feels like our second home.  Karin (the school’s founder) is really passionate about the kids and cares about each kid as if it were her own.  It is very important to her to teach the kids such important skills as non-violent communication, empathy and environmental consciousness, conservation consciousness as well as sustainability.  She guides kids who don’t speak German in a very effective, yet gentle way towards mastery of the language.  I would say half of the kids attending SUSA are raised bilingually by their parents, the other half of the kids are monolingual or English speaking.  It is absolutely astonishing to see how these kids without any prior knowledge of the German language within a very short time are speaking German almost as fluently as they are speaking English.  Besides German kids are learning so much more at SUSA and everything in an unconstrained, play-based manner.  SUSA’s extended circle time with daily music education is the heart and soul of the school.  The kids learn at least one new song every week which is proven to be the most effective way of language acquisition.  Plus she reads a book a day with them which can be about the moon, pangaea, birds, any kind of subject really.  She home schooled her own daughter Karina (now 12 y.o.) and Karina is highly gifted and very talented in so many fields, loving academics as much as performing arts and free play.  Last but not least Karin does the BEST art projects with the kids. She is so super creative and has this endless energy to come up with new ideas; I don’t know how she does it.  We are so happy to have found SUSA!

–Orthopedic surgeons, Mullholland Drive

“SUSA didn’t just meet our expectations for a German immersion preschool, it far exceeded them. Karin strikes the perfect balance between structured and free time, along with the security, love, and Gemütlichkeit that preschoolers need. But she goes way beyond this. Her artistic flair shows up everywhere, from the art the kids are making at SUSA, t-shirts that the kids decorate, to handmade costumes for the Christmas play, to a colorful maypole for the spring festival. Everything she and her staff do is first class, and you can see this in the exuberant faces of her students. Our son is “graduating” this month from SUSA, but the positive impact will last the rest of his life.”

 –Graphic designer and child psychologist, South Pasadena

“Our son astounded us many times with the advanced vocabulary and knowledge in biology he learned from SUSA. Karin does a wonderful job at teaching about the importance and respect for nature. The kids have their time to be kids and play and develop a self interest in learning. Therefore learning becomes part of play and fun itself. This will be a strong foundation for his entire life and we are very lucky to have found Karin devoting her knowledge and time to our son.”

–Film composer and movie producer, Los Feliz

“Karin’s sweet nature, enthusiasm and energy create a safe place where children can explore and develop all while being immersed in the German language. Our daughter treasured her days with Karin – they were often the highlight of her week and filled with lots of play time, imaginative art, and music. We also valued the delicious organic lunch Karin prepared every day — these broadened our daughter’s palate and gave her an appreciation for how delicious vegetables can  be : ) After two and a half years with Karin our daughter has emerged with a love of colors, art, music, and singing– she is often singing songs in German and this is all because of Karin.  We are so grateful for our daughter’s experience at SUSA!”

–Screen writer and archeologist, Silverlake

Adult German Class Experience:

As an adult student who has been studying with Karin Kachler for over a year at her school “Spiel und Spaß Academy” located in Eagle Rock, I have progressed greatly in my proficiency of the German language. Karin has made the process of learning another language a fun and natural experience by using techniques that mimic the natural way we learn languages as children. She begins with basic grammatical instruction, followed by practical phrases, questions and commands that relate to everyday life. After such a foundation has been laid, Karin begins to build up vocabulary and writing skills through a series of fun games that stimulate the mind and allow you to begin constructing sentences on your own, achieving proficiency faster with a stronger foundation that is much more effective than traditional text book instruction!

–TV and Movie actor, Los Angeles